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probate law-200The death of a loved one causes indescribable grief and emotional pain.  As Solicitors dealing with relatives in this position, Tormeys have always dealt with the administration of estates in a sensitive and professional manner, allowing relatives and friends to grieve whilst we progress the legal work required to complete the transfers of assets to the next generation.  We will liaise with Banks, Auctioneers and Accountants to insure that we can make a prompt application to the Revenue Commission and the Probate Law Office to extract the grants of representation to complete the distribution of an estate.  We advise clients in relation to legal right shares and taxation issues to insure that executors, administrators and beneficiaries are all protected.

From time to time disputes can arise in the administration of estates.  Disputes can be stressful for all parties given the raw emotions that can exist on the passing of a family member.  A probate Law dispute can take many forms from disputing the validity of a will to claiming a Probate legal right share in an estate under the terms of the Succession Act.  Disputes of this Probate Law nature require sensitivity, calmness and professionalism.  We will assess all claims thoroughly, obtaining the best expert witnesses to guide and advise our clients in the probate law area.