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Making A Will | Will Making, Athlone, Ireland


estate-planningOur experience has shown that quite often people postpone the task of making a will.  It is difficult to pin point the reasons why people delay this relatively straight forward task.  What we can advise is that you contact us to discuss your will making and estate planning in a stress free and professional environment.  We can guarantee that it will not be as daunting as you would anticipate and you will feel a huge sense of relief and satisfaction once you have executed your Will Making.

There are a number of key points that should be noted in making a will:-

  1. The terms of a valid will can only be implemented after your death.  This means that if circumstances change, at any stage, you can alter or amend the terms of your will.
  2. A will provides for your instructions relating to your property and assets after your death.  If you leave property by way of will, you maintain full control over your assets during your lifetime.  This allows you to sell, mortgage, transfer your property as you see fit.
  3. Making a will provides an ideal opportunity for estate planning, allowing you to leave property in a tax efficient manner, resulting in the maximum amount of your assets transferring to your loved ones on your death.
  4. Aside from the passing on of property and financial assets to the next generation, a will can also provide further for circumstances such as your wishes relating to funeral arrangments, leaving sentimental items to particular loved ones, request to charity, etc.
  5. If you have minor children, making a will can appoint guardians and trustees to look after your children’s interests in the event of your untimely death, until they reach adulthood.  This type of a will protects young beneficiaries.  


We would be more than happy to discuss your Will making with you and we have a wealth of experience in this area.  We will guide you in the process to insure that your wishes can be carried out in full.  We can also advise you on tax planning, legal right shares and trusts for minors and incapacitated persons.