The Working Time Act, 1997

The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 had a serious impact on the conduct of all businesses. This piece of legislation will have a serious impact on the conduct of all businesses. Its main terms are:- All workers shall be entitled to 11 consecutive hours rest in a


Medico Legal Matters Relating to Obstetrics and Gynaecology

All medical procedures even childbirth have inherent risks, some of which cannot be avoided. Medicine is not an exact science, and a poor outcome does not necessarily mean there was medical malpractice. However, doctors, hospitals and medical professionals are nevertheless re


Psychological Trauma Suffered by Minors Involved in a Road Traffic Accident.

Very often the victims of road traffic accidents are very young and the effects of being involved in such an accident can have very different effects on them psychologically. Usually when a child is involved in a road traffic accident he/she will be brought to the accident


Testator’s Obligations to His/Her Children – Section 117 of the Succession Act, 1965

Peter McDonald -v- Mary Norris, Supreme Court, 25th November 1999. The Supreme Court decided that the date of death of the parent is the relevant time for consideration of the assessment as to whether or not the parent has fulfilled their moral obligation for the purposes of


General Principals of Medical Negligence

1. The medical practitioner owns a duty of care in negligence to his patient and may also incur liability in battery in circumstances where he has afforded a treatment to his patient without his patients consent. 2. In order to prove negligence under Irish Law the first ques


Isolating The Workplace Bully

An Assessment of the Legal Issues Involved Introduction Bullying is one of the most insidious but apparently hidden features of the employment landscape. The reason for its continuing omission from attention is the misapprehension of the actual term. Attitudes towards bullyin


Occupier Liability Act, 1995

Introduction The proceeding is intended to provide a practical guide to the important changes wrought in the law by the Occupiers' Liability Act 1995, in force since the 17th July, 1995. The Previous Law The previous common law rules governing Occupiers' Liability, grounded


Horror of Injury Abroad: What Are My Remedies?

Introduction If you are thinking of going on holidays, then read on, because your rights have been improved as a result of the passage of new legislation. Now, a tour operator can be held liable for the improper performance of contractual obligations of the package tour. This

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