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Tormeys Solicitors settle cancer misdiagnosis case

Tormeys Solicitors acted on behalf of the Plaintiff in this Medical Negligence action which involved a misdiagnosis of breast cancer. The First Named Defendant was a Consultant Surgeon with a breast speciality and the Second Named Defendant was his employer. The circumstan


Tormeys settle case involving informed consent in a vasectomy procedure

Tormeys settle case involving informed consent in a vasectomy procedure. Tormeys Solicitors acted for the Plaintiff in this case who claimed that he had not been fully informed of the recognised risks of possible complications and consequences of a vasectomy procedure.


Tormeys settle medical negligence case

Tormeys Solicitor acted for the Plaintiff in this medical negligence action which involved a delay in the treatment of the Plaintiff’s dislocated shoulder which resulted in a long term reduction in the mobility and a restriction in the use of the shoulder.


Maximum Damages Awarded in Athlone Circuit Court

Maximum Damages Awarded in Constructive Dismissal case in Athlone Circuit Court. Tormey Solicitors acted for the Plaintiff, an employee, in this constructive dismissal case which came before Athlone Circuit Court on appeal from the Employment Appeals Tribunal. The Plain


Tormeys Solicitors act in fatal case

Tormeys solicitors acted in this fatal injuries action which was brought on behalf of the deceased’s family in circumstances where there was a failure on behalf of the Defendants to diagnose that the deceased was suffering from lung cancer. The deceased had been diagnose

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