Medical Negligence

Professional Medical Negligence

If a professional has failed in their duty to you, we will advise you in respect of a potential professional Medical negligence action which may be brought against that professional.

Frequently, underlying faults are detected in houses caused by negligent professional work. Similarly, delays are discovered at the hands of the legal profession which may mean that there is a bar on proceeding ever being brought in that particular matter. Tormeys solicitors will advise you in respect of the best way to ensure your specific case is remedied or compensation is recovered on foot of the negligent act.

At Tormeys Solicitors we have specialised medical negligence Solicitors who deal in this very specialised area of law.  We have had numerous successful and high profile cases involving misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, serious and permanent impairment and even fatalities arising from actions or inactions of the medical profession.

We understand that pursuing a medical negligence action can be very difficult for families particularly in cases where they may have lost a loved one or who are facing the prospect of losing a loved one. We aid persons who are aggrieved when they receive unsatisfactory answers from medical practitioners and our experienced team assist in finding answers to those tough questions.

Members of our medical team are affiliated to the “Medical Injuries Alliance” organisation which promotes patient safety and access to justice for victims of medical negligence.

Our committed team will handle your cases in a most comprehensive, prudent and sensitive manner.

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