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Enduring Power of Attorney Ireland

Enduring Power of Attorney Ireland, what is it?

At present in Ireland, appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney refers to the action of choosing a named individual(s) to represent you and your interests should you be otherwise unable. The legal document should be prepared at a time when you are of good health and sound mind, allowing you to appoint an individual to act on your behalf at a later date in the event that you are mentally incapacitated or unable to make these choices yourself.

This legal document can give great peace of mind should an individual know that their mental capabilities are under threat in the future. By choosing someone you trust with your healthcare and finances, at a time when you are possibly under considerable stress, you can remain safe in the knowledge that your best interests are being cared for.

Choosing an Attorney

Choosing an Attorney should not be undertaken lightly and much thought and discussion should take place before drawing up any legal document. Remember, you have the right to choose what decisions can be taken on your behalf in advance and should never be pressured into signing a document.

We are seeing more and more that younger, healthier individuals are executing Enduring Power of Attorney at the same time they are executing their wills, a good practice that will leave families feeling more secure into the future.

EPA Ireland, how we can help

Tormeys Solicitors deal with Enduring Power of Attorney legal documents on a regular basis, and know that it can be an emotional time for both parties. It is with this in mind that we approach each and every case with a fresh set of eyes. Realising that every case is different is integral to understanding the necessities of the individuals involved.

Under normal circumstances when an individual loses mental capacity and the ability to make decisions, their assets are frozen. This would include any cash, savings or property, meaning family members would not have access to your assets to pay for your healthcare or bills. At what is already an emotional time for family, this can bring financial strain and feelings of guilt at not being able to care for you in the way they would like. It can also result in lengthy court appearances and mounting legal fees should a family member need to apply to make you a ward of the court.

Appointed Attorney Ireland

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